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We are Also Deals With Some of Rubber Estates Accesories Like Cuphanger,Spouts, Latex filters/sieve (aluminium), Latex collection cups, Crumb rubber baskets ,Tapping knife, acids, paranitrophenol,rainguard compouad, rubber coat, copper sulphate, Bordeaux paint,polythene filim (ldpe), tapping shade, rubber sheet roller and template. This is a rectangular container used for coagulating latex. Aluminium dishes are the most commonly used vessels for coagulation of latex. They do not corrode and are easy to clean. Scrap baskets are used for collection of cup lumps and tree lace which are generated while tapping rubber trees. Funnels are used for transferring field latex from collection buckets to containers used for transporting latex to the processing area.

Categorized of Rubber Roller

  • Cup hanger

    - 4 Inches ,4 1/5 Inches , 5 Inches 5 1/5 Inches..etc

  • Latex collection cups

    - 600 ml & 900 ml

  • Crumb Rubber Baskets

    - (Small/Medium/High)

  • Formic Acids

    - 1kg / 2.5kg / 5 kg / 35kg / 85kgs

  • Rubber coat

    - 1Ltr

  • Bordeaux paint

    - 500grm / 1 kg / 5 kg