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It is quicker than sun-drying and does not cause oxidation by ultraviolet radiation. Inside the smoke house, there is only limited supply of air and it is mostly filled with smoke and carbon dioxide. Hence chances for oxidation of rubber are very limited, provided the temperature is within limits. Also, the creosotic i.e. materials present in smoke, get deposited on the surface of the sheets thereby preventing mould growth on sheets.The smoke house consists of a chamber into which the sheets are loaded either on trolleys carrying reapers or on reapers fitted on a wooden framework. Smoke is generated in the furnace, which is usually outside the chamber. Smoke and hot air from the furnace are directed into the chamber through a flue. Air inlets and ventilators are provided at the bottom and top of the chamber respectively.

Categorized of Smoke House

  • Minimum drying time & Cost
  • Minimum labour & Resource requirement
  • Maintenance of temperature in the range of 40-60º C